2019- the Asian year of the pig- with lots of News!!

Happy new year to all of you.

new dates:

30th march 16.00
at former Australian embassy of GDR
Pieces of WaldWeit

two new productions for Berlin Performing Arts Festival

28th May, 8pm at Acud Mitte

A step to much
a short shoot about
things you should not think at
things you should not say
things you should not do

in cooperation with OUt of the Box collective and Florentine Schara and Lotte Meinzer


Chronic of the future

About what Tschernobyl catastrophy has to do with our every day life, yours and ours.
A multimedia 2 actors piece.
Juliane Torhorst, Katja Tannert, with support of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil (physician)

2nd June, 9pm at Acud Mitte

more information soon.